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~ mi reina ~





Aries is first in the zodiac.

Aries is number one.

Aries is 100% Wool.
One size fits all.

HandMade, Hand Wash, Line Dry.
Aries is one of a kind.

There is only one Aries.


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Leonor, mi Valentin

My Abuela passed away on February 21, 2023.

The night of the New Moon in Pisces.
She was 95.

She was born on Christmas Eve in Durango, MX under a Capricorn sun.

She appeared, fully clothed, beneath the leaves of a Poinsettia tree.

She was an elegant storyteller.

The kind that seamlessly integrated truth and fantasy.

She partied her way from el campo to Mexico City.

Leaving puddles of liquid silver in her dusty footprints. 

My Abuela and her sisters worked on movies. 

She loved to remind us...

that she worked with Cantinflas in the 50s.
When I started designing for film, she saw my path before I did.

Sometimes it's still a mystery to me. 

Her nickname for me was mi Reina. In Spanish it means, my Queen.

My decisions scandalized her often, though she was always incredibly proud of me.

In the hour of her death, her spirit passed through my body. It was two in the morning.  I'd just come home from a party. 

I didn't know she had died, but I sensed her finality.

I could see the color of her nail polish and the slope of her fingernails angling towards me. I recalled the last time I held her hand. 

Someone held me as I wept uncontrollably.

In the true Mexican tradition, she is always with me. She uses phones and changes subtitles from English to Spanish, though her remains are interred in a cemetery. Pink and yellow flowers are how she appears to me.


Ella siempre será mi San Valentín.


This collection is a love letter to her memory.

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